January 2013 programming language trends

I’ve put up the first job trends post of the year, and added in a trend chart showing the data for all tracked languages over the last 12 months.


Looking over the year you can see Action Script becoming less popular, which I think was one of my predictions. It’s interesting to see PHP and Java jobs seem to trend down over the year with others staying a bit more stable. January should see a rebound in listings so we can maybe start comparing against the same month each year. Objective C skills have as predicted been in demand this year but still haven’t taken either of the top two spots from Java and PHP. The way things are going though that could easily change in 2013.

Android skills haven’t faired particularly well or particularly badly but have certainly failed to challenge Objective C in any way. There’s little indication of that changing at the moment although possibly a large number of Android tablets (kindle fire, nexus, etc) being given as Christmas presents will result in a change, then again maybe not.

That’s it for a round up of the stats right now. I’ve put a little bit of work in to try and make the stats easier for me to create and may improve further on that in 2013. If so it could give me more time to look a bit deeper into some of the data, something I’ve been saying I’ll do for a year now and not finding time for.


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