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Announcing Jobs Tractor monthly Language index

The Jobs Tractor monthly language index tracks the most requested programming languages each month. You can see it here The stats will be updated monthly and I’ll put out blog posts here looking deeper into some of the data. … Continue reading

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Developer traction report

First off, thanks to KreCi who’s monthly Developer income report I’ve shamelessly ripped of for the title of this post. Secondly, if you’re a developer and interested in who’s hiring devs near you please check out, cheers. 1 month ago I … Continue reading

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Mistake #5: Two-sided markets

I gave up on Jobs Tractor earlier this year because I realised it was going to be an impossible task. My mistake was Mistake #5 from Rob Walling’s post on how to decrease your chance of bootstrapping a successful company. … Continue reading

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Some location specific job pages (test)

This is a test, I’m having some trouble getting my ajax content indexed by google so just putting some links here to see if it has any effect. Developer jobs in New York Developer jobs in San Francisco Developer jobs … Continue reading

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