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2 weeks after Jobs Tractor’s show HN: bootstrapping on a shoestring

2 weeks ago I posted a link to Jobs Tractor to hacker news “Show HN: who’s hiring? jobs mined from twitter”. I wanted to answer a simple question “Is this site useful?” and for myself “Should I spend any more … Continue reading

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Weekend update: Just in time development

So last Wednesday I submitted Jobs Tractor to hacker news. I was hoping to get an answer to the question ‘Is this useful? could it be useful?’ before I committed any more time to the project. The response on hacker … Continue reading

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Some simple improvements

So after all the great feedback from the nice folks hanging out on hacker news yesterday I’ve taken some time to put a few of the simpler suggestions in place. Namely: Tweets are now sorted by date. Specifically they’re … Continue reading

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The opportunity of commuting

$$ If you’re a developer interested in who’s hiring near you, check out for the latest word of mouth jobs mined from twitter. /$$ There was an article linked on Hacker News yesterday called The True Cost of Commuting … Continue reading

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Jobs Tractor 3.0

So a biiiig break from Jobstractor. If I was sneakier I’d probably say something about working hard and not having time to update the blog, but that’s not true. Jobstractor started off as an idea to create a curated jobs … Continue reading

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